Nicole Peluso, IBCLC, CD
Breastfeeding and Attachment Parenting Expert Witness



Nicole Peluso, IBCLC, CD
(323) 595-4006

Consultations include:

  • strategizing, negotiating and collaborating on custody issues 
  • design of step up time-share plans for the breastfed baby
  • divorce litigation and arbitration testimony 
  • family law attachment parenting bootcamp - getting the legal team up to speed on current lactation medical recommendations
  • declarations & briefs
  • employee rights research
  • testimony regarding rights to breastfeed in public

Clinical offerings include:

  • friendly and impartial visit monitor
  • new caregiver supervision and education as either parent returns to work
  • private parenting classes for coparents on transitional feeding from breast to bottle while maintaining the integrity of the breastfeeding relationship

Free initial consultation.
Retainers required between $600 and $2,400
depending on individual circumstances.
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